Ponsonby Villa - Creative Living TV3

Ponsonby Villa - Creative Living TV3

Watch the Broswick Builder's Team totally rebuild this 100 year old Ponsonby villa on TV3's home renovation show Creative Living. Presented by Peter Wolfcamp Creative Living is being replayed on TV Three:  11.15am - Sunday 19th August 2018.



Peter Wolfkamp: Back on site with Creative Living

New Zealand’s favourite site foreman barely had time to remove his hardhat after The Block NZ before tackling his next project. We had a chat to Peter about his new series, Creative Living, which follows a family as they renovate their dilapidated villa.


Melenie Parkes - Yahoo NZ on Sept 9, 2016

Behind the scenes of the new TV show Creative Living

TV3 have launched a new DIY tv show – Creative Living – where The Resident Builder Peter Wolfkamp, and his team, transform a 100 year old heritage villa for the Graham family. The even more exciting news is that Kate Alexander, the creative director of Places and Graces, is the one to add the finishing touches : )
To coincide with the room reveals, each week we will show you where we shopped and how we pulled it all together. First up, the multi-purpose room.

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